Organizational Studies

JL Group fully understands law enforcement requirements, including the need for an in-depth, comprehensive public safety analysis and review to serve as a road map for agencies moving forward positively.  

To that end, JL Group is equipped to provide the following services:
  • Advise on the agency’s current state of public safety services, delivery, and approach through the lens of racial equality and with consideration for social justice frameworks. Develop appropriate recommendations for changes or modifications by the agency.
  • Facilitate community engagement processes and collaborate with affected departments, stakeholders, and labor representatives.
  • Provide technical assistance to the agency’s executive leadership for emerging best practices in developing contemporary police services and responsibilities based on legal and academic research, other jurisdictions, and community-based justice entities.
  • Support the agency’s executive leadership with the creation of a recommended plan for evaluation of the process and consideration of next steps to meet their police department’s mission and the reinforcement of its core values


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