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Jeff Love and Jeff Johnson, investigators with about three decades of law enforcement experience under their belt, are heading up one of the most complex city corruption probes in California history.

Yet whether they finish their probe is up to the city’s newly-elected council, which seems reluctant to see how far the rabbit hole goes at city hall when it comes to undue resort district influence.

Anaheim’s previous City Council last year tasked investigators with rooting out any potential corruption at City Hall following an explosive FBI corruption probe coming to light that called out the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce and the Disneyland resort district as having undue influence at city hall.

“We have done investigations like this, but what we haven’t seen is the depth and breadth of all the tentacles involved in this sort of investigation. There are just numerous entities, nonprofits, organizations, different developers, different lobbyists, different players,” Love said in a phone interview last week.

“It’s quite extensive.”

Earlier this month, Love publicly told councilmembers that they have found “certain issues … that could concern criminal violations of the law.”

He also said in an interview that they’re talking to all sorts of people in their investigation including: former council members, former city staff and political consultants but didn’t specify who exactly.


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