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Lorie Velarde

Lorie Velarde is a retired crime and intelligence analyst with 37 years of law enforcement experience. She continues to consult for federal and local agencies as well as provide instruction in best practices for crime analysis and problem solving.

Lorie has experience in analyzing crimes spatially and temporally, conducting staffing analyses, automating workflows and data dissemination, and optimizing analytical practices.

Lorie holds a Master of Science degree in Criminology, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Ecology, a California State Teaching Credential, and a California Department of Justice Certification in Crime and Intelligence Analysis. She has published book chapters and news articles on the topics of crime analysis, crime mapping, and analytical best practices, and she has been featured on HLN’s original series “Unmasking a Killer”.

Lorie has received several awards for her work including the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Award for Criminal Investigative Excellence, the Southern California Crime and Intelligence Analyst Association’s Analyst of the Year Award, and the Alpha Group Award for Creativity and Excellence in Crime Analysis. She was also recently recognized by FBI Director Christopher Wray for assistance with an kidnap/murder case.